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PEOPLE|NON|SPACES: Humanity in Homogeneous Zones (Digital Copy)

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Digital PDF copy of the book.

This is my way of sharing my work for those who are unable to purchase a physical book.

Consider the possibility of a site that is non-historical, non-specific, and non-relational; can this site exist? Theorist Marc Augé proposed his non-place as a resolution to this. A place where those inside are unaware and anonymous to one another; interstitial spaces where the objective is merely to pass through with haste. What about those who work in these sites? What about the disabled? What about the person who cant possibly move through life without awareness? The artist proposes an alternative to Augé’s. This site- this moment- the Non-Space as a paradox, a psychological manifestation that occurs within generic architectural sites that enacts an entirely oppositional response to anonymity-- Human-ness. The seemingly un-interesting space of transience and non-thought is a space that must evoke the human body, identity, and subjectivity because these homogeneous places allow for borderless engagement. They are often institutional, choice-less places; the social keys to participating in the world. As we evolve as a society, these overlooked spaces stand out more. Now more than ever, sites like airports, waiting rooms, highways, and fast-food restaurants connote meaning and association. The possibility that even the smallest detail or gesture could condition the globalized whole. I ask myself; can the politics of a waiting room lead us to a utopic end, or the depicted dystopia of science fiction?

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