Self With Assorted Technologies: Immigration 3.0, 2019.

Filmed at the US-Canada border. A documentation of an exchange between two women where one women asked the other to help her say, "How are you?" to the TSA agents, because she was concerned about her English.

I formed my characters around a dream that I had where all police, and authority figures were masked with two way mirrors-- they could see us but we could only ever see our own reflection, our own faces as the enforcers.

What psychological effect would that have on society, where people are taught to believe that they are the cause of misfortune?

On the inverse, how might a new interpretation or awareness of one another within the Non-Space bring about hope for progress and understanding in the near future? If we remove our apparatuses and become transparent rather than reflective perhaps the division between groups, could have hope for diminishing.

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